UMBC's dancing


Sort of disappointing that the game was over in the first four or so minutes, but certainly not disappointing for everyone watching at the RAC, folks who I'm sure are still partying as I write this.

With nearly everyone coming back, save for Von Rosenberg, Hartford must be an early sleeper pick for 08-09, but let's get through this season first.

Mark Macyk picked UMBC to win the tournament - no shock - but also to win in the first round of the NCAA tournament. That's a bold statement, one I must disagree with.

Winning a game in the NCAA tournament as a low seed -- UMBC will probably salivate at the notion of a 14 -- requires magic. And a lot of it.

Back in '05, Taylor Coppenrath was that magic. T.J. Sorrentine was that magic. That was a team destined for an upset like that, and Syracuse was the perfect victim.

That won't happen again this year. UMBC does not have that same magic, nor the NCAA tournament experience that the ubertalented Catamounts had in '05.

I just realized I'm going to be late to work -- sorry Eric.

More on UMBC later, as well as the guest viewpoint I promised you from everyone's favorite cheerleader, Christine (who was behind Howie the Hawk for much of today's game, if you're wondering).

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