Slowing down, but ...

With the AE down to one final game this season, and the Bearcats all drunk and high multiple times by now (let's just be honest :-D) ... I'm trying to figure out what to do with the blog from this point forward.

The Hartford Hawks will take on the UMBC Retrievers for the conference's lone bid to the NCAA tournament tomorrow at 12 p.m. on ESPN2, and although I certainly won't be making the road trip, I do have a special report, from someone closer to the action than even some of the bench players, lined up, exclusive to Bearcat Country ... Let's just say, she'll bring a very cheery perspective to our conference's last game.

Check back here later this weekend as I'll post my thoughts on the championship contest, followed by an exclusive live-from-the-scene commentary from Hartford junior cheerleader Christine ... the cutest cheerleader in the America East. (Look for her on TV!)

By the way, if you're seeking a prediction ...

UMBC 86, Hartford 81.

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