What's up everybody?

Quick check-in for me tonight, as I'm dusting off some old websites of mine (Myspace, LinkedIn, etc.) and remembered -- oh yeah, I've got a BU hoops blog.

Preseason starts next week, and I'm a bit more excited for this season than last for a couple of reasons, No. 1 obviously being that as of last week, Kevin Broadus is officially gone from Binghamton University, after settling for more than $1.2M. You know, there's so much to say, but at least it's over. (And by the way, if you want some interesting reads, look back at my blog posts here from when the Kevin Broadus era was just beginning, and tell me I didn't see this coming.)

No. 2 is that I was able to use some vacation days here and there so I should be able to make it to most of BU's games this fall, including next Wednesday's exhibition game. With that, No. 2A I suppose, is news that Tim Sansone, co-owner of The Ale House, might be able to hook me up with some tickets, as he is a season-ticket holder who often cannot make it to the games.

No. 3, as it happens, would be optimism on the court. I must admit I don't follow the team as closely as I used to, though I still live just a few miles from the Events Center. Life's a lot different these days, and college basketball just hasn't been a priority, especially since the Broadus era really soured me on my alma mater.

But I'm going to make it to at least a few games this year, and who knows? Maybe I'll stop in here afterward and let you know how I think things are going. I doubt anyone even reads this anymore, much less cares what I think, but it's nice to sit down and write once in a while.


It hits the fan

If you wonder at all why I have become so discouraged about the program that I had been so passionate about, read this, and you'll know.
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