To all the Bing fans out there:

I know you're all depressed. I know that you are all probably drunk by now, trying to erase the sour memories of Kyle Cieplicki draining that (*$#W)%ing three that just killed us.

But if you love basketball, this is going to be a great America East game to watch.

Boston and Albany are closely matched, and with Hartford waiting in the wings, the winner of this game could well play spoiler to the Retrievers -- or take on the not-that-good-Catamounts -- for the title.

I expect the --

Breaking news -- just got a hello kiss/hug from Christine -- my life is now officially validated.

-- Great Danes to take this one. I thought coming in that it would be close, but with the Maine, UVM and Hartford games all close, I'm changing that prediction a bit and saying this one will be your typical 9-or-10-point victory for the Danes. However, this game is still well worth watching at bubearcats.com.

Every single Albany fan looks like a punk. And not in the Kevin Broadus or Kyle Cieplicki way, either. (Apparently David O'Brian hasn't read that commentary yet.)

I can't believe I'm saying this, but ... Let's Go Terriers.

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