Binghamton postgame cuts

Kevin Broadus comes out wearing his dress pants and a BU Zoo t-shirt. It looks like he had recently been crying.

Broadus: "I wanted to start off by commending Vermont. ... They played a hell of a second half. That's what champions do. ... They were just the better team today. ... (On Binghamton's theme this year being 'family') We were a family. We were a dysfunctional family at times [hmm, understatement?] ... but we were a family. ... I'm sad that the season ended this way. But today, for 35 minutes, I thought these guys (motions towards Gordon, Laz, Jaan) were the better players. I hope I don't get in trouble for saying that. ... The champions came out of those guys (Vermont). I told these guys, I want to build a program like that -- five straight years (in the Championship game). That starts tomorrow."

"I thought a kid that was player of the year just stepped up. He (Lonergan) just told him (Blakely) to go out there and get every rebound --- and he did. ... (On the Vermont guys being experienced) Sla-picky (clearly mispronounced it, I hope someone has audio, it was classic), Trimboli, Blakely, McIntosh ... don't help me here ... McCrory ... those guys know how to win. ... They had that swagger. ... That's what champions do. ... (About Jaan) If he takes the offseason seriously, we don't need another big man. ... (About Blakely being defensive player of the year) He earned that award today. What'd he have ... (looks at paper) ... six blocks? ... (About going to Laz in crunch time) That's what you do ... You go to the well 'til the well dries up, and today, he couldn't get us over the wall. ... (About how good it was to work with Mike) If we could have 13 Mike Gordons, I'd love to. He was a treat. He was like having me out on the court. He was a treat on the court ... He came to work every day, lunch pail on, punch the time clock."

Laz: "(How was your back feeling?) It felt good ... Vermont is one of the toughest teams to play."

(Laz was very quiet postgame. I saw him after the interviews and said, "Thank you, Laz" ... he looked very confused, holding his box of pizza, and then said, "Oh, yeah. Thanks." He was definitely not pleased at all.)

Jaan: "(About Blakely) We just wanted to keep him from getting the ball ... make him take tough shots."

Mike Gordon: "(What changed in the second half?) They got a couple of easy buckets in transition ... I think we played hard for about 35 minutes. ... (What'd you say to the crowd?) The crowd, the coaches, they've always been behind me 100%. I wanted to say thank you ... (I asked him how he thinks the team is set up for '08-'09) Everybody's ready to do what coach Broadus wanted. They'll be a lot tougher. (How do you want to be remembered?) (Without a moment's hesitation) Aggressive team player. It's always about team."

- - - - -

I don't know how I feel about this Hartford "Hey Baby" dance. I think I kinda liked it last year ... ehh, it's sort of under tempo from the band ... I mean I'll root for anything Christine-related, but this dance doesn't really seem to pick up the crowd very much.

The Hawks student section has switched ends. The band's still down here. Weird.

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