Last-second thoughts

Just a few minutes until tip of the big game of the day (at least for me).

I feel like a lot of people disagree with me that Bing doesn't really stand much chance in this game. I'm really not trying to seem overly cynical (although many of you criticize me for doing so for my whole time here), but it's going to be very, very difficult for Bing to overcome Blakely.

Laz wasn't even warming up in the layup lines; he was doing the Gio Olomo-stretch-under-the-basket calisthenics. That was not a good sign.

The Zoo has been equipped with a whole bunch of green-and-white balloons, several cool flags and a bunch of awesome signs.

And Dave Simek just cued the intro of 'Stronger' for the third time since the end of the SBU game; good thing it's basically my favorite song these days.

L.J. Spaet's in the house!

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