Mike Gordon sighting

Ran into Mike Gordon tonight at the Events Center, before the women's game -- always good to see Mikey.

Mike Gordon: "Chris Strub, how you doin' man?"
Chris Strub: "What's up Mikey?"
Mike Gordon: "Not much man, not much."
Me: "You excited for this weekend?"
Mike Gordon: "Yeah, man. Just gotta beat my (boy) one time."
Me: "How's Laz doin'?"
Mike Gordon: "He'll be alright. He'll be aight."

(Can't say I'm not excited about my first exclusive interview of the year ... Thanks again, Sean Tainsh.)


Alex said...

That's top notch journalism right there Strub. Could you have asked him if he plans to play hard? Will he give 100%? Will it be a team effort? Can we expect them to play team basketball? Will they be looking for defensive stops?

(just a little bitter I'm at work right now, instead of watching some college basketball)

Chris Strub said...

it was a brief hello. but thanks for the constructive criticism -- as always :)

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