Some good ideas

I must say, in getting to watch every team in the conference today, there are some pretty sweet fan tactics we could "borrow" from these schools.

Albany's chant of "SUCKS TO BE-U" was pretty cool.

Boston University's fans brought signs related directly to the dance team ... seemed to be enjoyed by the fans, the team and the dance team itself.

(By the way, the Terrier is now fighting the Great Dane ... reminiscent of J.J. Jumper, anyone? [And if you have no idea what I'm referencing -- the same incident Moritz referenced the other day -- you missed out on the greatest mascot fight ever, in 2006.)

Hartford's band screaming, "BOUNCE, BOUNCE, BOUNCE, BOUNCE, BOUNCE" every time an opposing player took a dribble ... I liked it.

Hartford's band also did a good job coordinating itself with the spirit squads, playing songs for them to dance to out on the court. Stony Brook did some of the same last night.

Boston U's band actually has a real solid line of trumpets. I know we'll take what we can get, but ... if you play trumpet, and you're going to Bing next year, I encourage you to join up with Mo. I guarantee a good time.

And -- I guess this is more game-related -- Vermont does a good job of somehow winning in the Events Center in March. That might be a good idea for the Bearcats sometime in the future, eh?

- - - - -

A couple Pipe Dream-related notes --

1) Ben Masur hints at a BU-Zoo-let-us-down column coming Tuesday. That's unjustified. The Zoo did an OUTSTANDING job in today's game. His argument is that the game wasn't over when Cieplicki hit the three. However, it was. Therefore, don't blame the Zoo for being silenced when you know damn well you wouldn't have the nerve to get the cheering back up after that. Props, too, to Taylor Watts, for attempting to get the local crowd fired up with 25 seconds left.

2) Win or lose, a daily would've been really nice to have for today and tomorrow. I know it's a ton of work, but it's not impossible. (And I know I'm going to get crap for saying that, but it really enhances the view of PD in the eyes of fans from all around the conference.)

3) How about one more look alike: Hartford assistant John Gallagher and Pipe Dream's own Randy Benjenk?

EDIT: Randy claims that Gallagher more closely resembles ESPN.com's Bill Simmons - what do you think?

- - - - -

The Terriers have just taken a 37-34 lead with 17:03 left ... so I guess I'm sticking around 'til the end here.

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