Bye, Will

Really sad to see Will Brown exit tonight -- not. At least it wasn't a completely wasted day.

I'm not going to lie ... between almost 11 hours of blogging, having to wake up about 3 hours earlier than usual, and daylight savings time, I'm pretty much blogged out for the night. I'm also considering going gold-body-paint tomorrow to support the Retrievers to knock out the freakin' Catamounts. Not sure yet.

I hope that anyone reading this enjoyed my commentary throughout the day. I had a ton of fun, other than the extremely subpar media food. (I didn't think they could do worse than Boston '07, but they did.)

I'm still sort of stunned that Boston escaped with a win, despite several bad calls and their poor free throw shooting.

Also note that all three SUNY schools are out on day one. So much for a 'New York State of Mind.'

I also feel the urge to bring a 'VESTAL '09' sign tomorrow. The AE needs to know how much we appreciate the tournament continuing to come back. If only we could somehow keep the Catamounts from making the trip.


The Hot Dog said...

Good job today. I enjoyed catching up on all the other games. It was good meeting you too.

Chris Strub said...

No problem dude. I have this weird feeling you'll be wearing the same outfit tomorrow. Unless ... do you have multiple hot dogs? lol

The Hot Dog said...

Sure am. I won't be wearing it for the first game but come 1:45 you'll see me.

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