Bearcats overseas

A comment left on the last post by 'justin' (do I know you?) wondered on the whereabouts of Bearcat alums, in light of the photo of Duane James and Nick Billings I posted a few days ago.

I can't claim to know too much about what's going on with all the old guys, but here's a few tidbits I do know:

--Duane James and Nick Billings were playing together somewhere in Denmark

--Sebastian Hermenier, last I checked, was playing with Besancon Basketball Club in France, but it appears he has left that team

--Troy Hailey had planned to play ball somewhere but his contract fell through

--According to his Facebook, Mike Gordon is heading to train overseas.

I'll try and post more later; I'll check things out and see what's going on. Hope that quenched a bit of your thirst for now.

BTW -- I will be back, soon, to posting on this blog regularly. I promise.
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