Breaking News: We're in Business! / Stony Brook 73, Maine 65

Before I break down the game tonight - I got some great news when I got to campus tonight: my America East media credential was indeed granted, and so tomorrow, all day long, I will be at the media table blogging live from all four games. I will be updating every few minutes, if not more often, so if you can't make it to Vestal tomorrow, stick with Bearcat Country all day long for constant updates, live from the tournament.

A quick thank you to Sean Tainsh for coming through for me. It really does mean a lot.


... Just got back from the Events Center, where Stony Brook gutted out an ugly victory over Maine in overtime, 73-65. (I, too, am now officially 0-1 in my tournament picks.)

A few people asked me why I wanted to go tonight. Watching the 8/9 game is sort of like watching Timmy vs. Jimmy on South Park ... it's ugly, but for some reason ... you just can't turn away:

Regulation was basically the Mark Socoby show. The kid was raiiiining deep threes, with a back-to-back pair that I thought had buried SBU. But who came through for SBU in the clutch?

Eddie Castellanos? M'eh. Ricky Lucas? M'eh.

Nick Carter? Of my hometown, Huntington Station? Hells yes!

Carter's huge three -- I think -- put SBU up one (it either put them up or pulled them even for the first time) with just a couple minutes left.

It looked as if SBU had the game won in regulation, 57-54, until Socoby banked in a prayer with four seconds left. At that moment, for a split second, you might've thought Maine would sink the Seawolves in OT.

But other than the miracle three, almost all of the second half was going SBU's way.

Not that Emanuel Neto was any help. He flopped several times and screamed at the refs on a couple of occasions; he was lucky to not get T'ed up after one particularly scary yelp at a zebra.

I must say, though, that Stony Brook's band loves Neto. They started several 'Ne-to' chants and really seemed to embrace his energy ... I guess that's a sort of positive way to put it.

No sign of Troy Barnies tonight. I think he must be injured or something. Oh well, there's always next year.

The karma just seemed to be with the Seawolves tonight, like I said. Maine brought a couple dozen fans, if that, while SBU brought its very talented band (Shakira - Objection [Tango] ... wow!), as well as a six-girl dance team that we sat right behind. (I sat with some dude whose brother is in the SBU band; didn't catch his name. Nice kid.)

Randy Monroe was seated at the far end of the media table, basically the same spot he sat in two years ago. Mike Lonergan was in the far stands, while Lawrence Brenneman spent part of the first half behind the Bearcats' bench.

In terms of other bloggers, Sam Perkins made an appearance just before halftime. No sign of Jesus or a Hot Dog.

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Remember to follow along with all of tomorrow's action live with me, starting around 11:45 a.m., at http://bearcatcountry.blogspot.com. If you're following action live online and you have a question about the game, leave a comment and I'll get back to you immediately. Or, if there's something you're dying to ask a head coach after the game, let me know and I'll see what I can do for you in the postgame.

Again, I'm really happy that the AE is welcoming a blogger into its media sphere. This blog is proof that anyone with internet access and a passion for a team can break into the business.

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