Cuts from Bing postgame


"I wasn't looking forward to playing Binghamton. ... It's hard for me to be happy when you play your friends (Broadus)." ...

"You know, you play a team three times, you get scouted ... I told Mike at halftime -- you gotta guard. If you play real defense, we can still win the game. ... It was scary (the deficit), I'm not going to lie to you. ... We made plays today. ... (In the first half,) some of our guys settled for jump shots -- not open jump shots. ... (About the EC,) some day we're going to get a building like this. They do a really good job here (with the tournament) ... it's a beautiful place. ... I was glad they wanted to keep their bench (in front of the BU Zoo); they would've been right on top of us. ... (About owning Bing at home); hey, we lost the championship at home. That's the way the game is played. ... We really came here focused on Binghamton. I didn't even watch the (first) game (today). ... When they started that big lineup, I was like -- I wonder what he's up to? ... We love Binghamton's fans. We hope they come back and cheer for us tomorrow. (Smile.)"


"The biggest thing in this game, for us, was containing Laz. ... Marqus took a big charge at the end. ... (About his three) I was just happy to finally make one; I was trailing the play, and Mike (Trimboli) saw me out of the corner of his eye ... and it went in. ... (At halftime), when two of our best shooters (Ciep/Trim) are 1-for-10 and we can still be in the game, we feel like we have a chance to win. ... The crowd's great; it's something you really enjoy."


"We got them a little rattled ..."


"You can't really be hesitant (playing with four fouls) ... (After the game talking to Mike Gordon,) I just wanted to let him know that he played his heart out."

My battery's running low -- I'll get Binghamton cuts in a little bit.

In more important news -- Christine's here! :)

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