Binghamton 49, @SBU 44

To be honest, I don't have much to say about today's "win" at Stony Brook. Coming off an embarrassing full-scale beat-down on Senior Night, and with honestly very little to play for, Binghamton put on one of its worst performances in recent history. They played without two starters, without their suspended head coach, and still laid the smackdown on a completely miserable Stony Brook team.

A couple years ago, Northeastern left the America East for the CAA, dropping the league from 10 teams to 9. One can only hope that Stony Brook will soon leave the America East for Division II, because they're genuinely an embarrassment in every way to what some consider an up-and-coming conference. SBU makes me ashamed to say I'm from Suffolk County.

Richie Forbes played alright, nothing to call home about. Jaan Montgomery got the start for the injured Laz Trifunovic, while Chretien Lukusa also missed this game (huh?) with an injury.

Congrats are in order for Mike Gordon, who reached a pair of milestones today: 1,000 points and 400 assists. For the record, I'm glad he hit that last "pointless" free throw, because the last thing our senior leader needs is meaningless questions about needing 1 point for 1,000 going into the tournament.

I've got all kinds of thoughts about the upcoming tournament, of course, but it doesn't make much sense to speculate tonight, with three games tomorrow that will determine the soft, chewy middle of the seedings. Suffice it to say that I have no clue how the seeding will work out, because of all the complicated tiebreakers, but if I had to choose, I'd most like to play Hartford, followed by Albany, Boston and a distant last, Vermont. I'll put up much more on this tomorrow when the games are set.

BTW, I will certainly be at the 8/9 game on Friday night, and am looking for people to tag along. Let me know if you want to be a part of the "Zoo" for the first session.

I will be posting a full guide of who the Zoo should be rooting for later in the week, complete with an idiot's guide to who we can heckle at each and every game.

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A few quick hits, because I'm watching Sportscenter:
*I can't believe Texas lost.
*I can't believe that kid from Seton Hall hit a 3/4-court shot to tie it, only for it to be negated because there was a timeout called.
*My friend Kyle Kowalski has called it all season: Sometimes Paul Harris is awesome, and sometimes he sucks.
*Congrats to Cornell (and subsequently my co-worker Chris Feaver, a big CU fan) on their perfect Ivy League season.
*Did anyone else notice that Michael Beasley still had 39 points tonight? The kid's going to be a great NBA player in about 5-6 years.

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