Vermont @ Binghamton follow-up; Binghamton @ UMBC, today at 3:30

Sorry, I thought I wrote a real follow-up about the UVM game the other day, but here goes:

I was quite disappointed in Laz Trifunovic. I think he must've gone into the game with a poor mindset, because he was not playing like BU could win the game. He had very limited energy and did not work underneath on the boards like he usually does; Broadus was right in keeping him off the floor in the second half.

But a colleague of mine made a good point, that KB deserves at least some of the blame for not understanding how to get Laz the ball in a zone. Granted, it was not easy to figure out what scheme UVM would come down the court in, as they continually switched up their game plan, alternating between a couple types of zone and (a much more manageable) man-to-man. But despite the score, the Bearcats were really struggling in the first half.

Mike Gordon has also been a disappointment to me lately, quite possibly because opponents are keying on him but also because he's very reluctant to pull the trigger. His record-setting shooting day last month showed that he's capable of being a big-time scorer, but he just seems to prefer to shy away from that role, choosing instead to make the extra pass, even when it's not the best option. Mike needs to re-establish himself as a scorer if Binghamton's going to get off the schnide.

That being said, this afternoon's TV game is going to be rough. Since the first UMBC game, everyone's been pointing to this return game as a likely loss, as the Retrievers are very talented and sure to be inspired on their home court. Randy Monroe doesn't strike me as the ideal coach to channel that type of anger, but their lineup is chock full of experienced athletes who certainly remember their last game against the overachieving Bearcats.

Today could get ugly, although Binghamton continues to prove me wrong by keeping these losses close. I thought coming into this week that Bing could get away with winning one of three (vs. Hart, vs. UVM, @ UMBC), although I sure was hoping it wouldn't have to be this one. Three-game losing streaks in the second half of the season never bode well for the postseason, but I just have an inkling that even though they'll probably lose today, this team is good enough and smart enough to weather the storm coming down the stretch.

@ UMBC 86, Binghamton 73.

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