Mark Macyk temporarily loses his mind

Of all the bloggers out there, (and if you have not perused my list of favorites over on the right there, you're really missing out), Mark Macyk might be doing the best job this season -- until today. And I quote:

"The game at Stony Brook no longer looks like a gimme, especially since the Seawolves could go on a run and play their way out of the play in game (more on that later) and because it’s Senior Night for Mitchell Beauford, Ricky Lucas and Emmanuel Neto." (LINK)

Quote me on this: If the Bearcats lose to Stony Brook, they will lose in the first round of the tournament, I guarantee it.

And this: If the Bearcats lose to Stony Brook, perhaps the worst basketball team I've ever seen, I will WALK home from their inevitable 8/9 game in two weeks.

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