Flak from the Leaster

Looks like I've been called out for my 'Doomsday mentality' after the BU loss by Drake Tungsten over at America Least. And I respect that; I deserve a bit of it for burying the Bearcats before a gutsy win. Maybe I was a little bit harsh.

But remember that we were a couple of made free throws away from losing to a bad team, at home, in front of the leftovers from the fair-weather (you heard me) BU Zoo.

If DiLiegro hits a free throw or two, the late-season losing streak would've stretched to five, and the Bearcats would've fallen below .500 in conference play after bursting out to a 6-2 mark. If Mike Gordon's last-minute runner rims out (see: Binghamton vs. Boston, 2007 playoffs; UNH @ Binghamton, Jan. 18, 2007 -- the guy is human), I think you have to completely re-evaluate where the Bearcats are heading into the final few weeks.

And to reiterate that point, so it doesn't seem like I'm just taking an underhanded shot: This year's Zoo is pathetic, a group of fair-weather fans who pale in comparison to the glory years of a healthy Nick Billings and Brandon Carter. Of course, the best way to solve that problem is to win, but it sure was sad to see a paltry crowd come down last night for a pivotal (I really hate that word) Thursday night contest.

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