Bing 66, @Manhattan 56

Just briefly on the Manhattan game -- again, I don't think it was that big a win. I think both the Jaspers and the Bearcats have more important things on their minds than a pointless late-February OOC game that means nothing. (Moritz makes a few good points about the system's flaws.)

A lot of people are making a big deal out of winning a game sans Reggie and sans Laz. Sure, it was nice to see Mike and Richie step up big, but I don't see that being a good formula for success against UA tomorrow night or in the conference tournament. (As for Stony Brook, I think we could send 5 Gio's out there and eke out a victory ...) Hooray -- we won without Laz -- but take a look at what's actually happening: Laz's body is falling apart. As I'd been writing for weeks (weeks!) Laz should not have even suited up for the Manhattan game. There was no point. Then he goes out and hurts himself in warmups?

Kevin: The kid was hurt! The Manhattan game means nothing! And don't give me the New York Giants argument about momentum -- this, by comparison, would've been like the Bearcats playing a CFL or semi-pro team right before the playoffs. Just completely pointless.

Tomorrow night's game will be the one that really matters, and the point where you can bring momentum back into the discussion. If the Bearcats lose to Albany, I certainly don't see them making it past Sunday afternoon, if they even make it that far. If the Bearcats BEAT Albany -- and of course squash SBU -- there may be three postseason games in their near future.

As a fan, I certainly hope that Reggie Fuller returns to the team tomorrow night, but you have to feel for the kid and his situation with his sick mother. If Reggie Fuller needs more time away from the team, he should feel ZERO pressure to return, from coaches, teammates or fans. Family comes first.

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In other news, I may have an officially sponsored Press & Sun-Bulletin blog within a month or so. (It won't be a Bearcat blog.) Lots still to figure out with that, but we had a meeting this afternoon and things are, presumably, in the works.

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