@Boston U 79, Binghamton 53

... and oh lord was I WRONG.

The miserable cynicism that plagued my writing in the latter Al years is back. The Bearcats put up one of the worst performances in school history in the second half against a bad team, in front of 582 people, with nothing to play for.


The senior leadership on this team is PATHETIC. Richie Forbes? PATHETIC. Mike Gordon? PATHETIC.

After several impressive overachievements early in the conference schedule, the Bearcats were almost set up for some sort of mid-season letdown, which materialized with an acceptable loss to Hartford, a tough loss to Vermont and what we expected all season to be a loss at UMBC.

I fully expected all along to have to weather losses in two of those three games. A three-game slide would hurt, but wouldn't be the be-all end-all for the season.

A four-game slide culminating in a 26-point loss at Boston University?

Panic time.

The most disturbing number from this loss is the -12 rebounding margin, which has to be pinned partially on Laz's injuries and partially on the team's lack of size and rebounding prowess. But it's not like we're talking about Chris Holm, Taylor Coppenrath or Kenny Adeleke here. Tyler Morris and Matt Wolff, a pair of wimpy jump-shooting guards, are the on-the-court leaders for BU, who doesn't even list a center in the starting lineup this year.

Changes are necessary. KB, if you're reading this -- I mean, I disagree, but if you think it's Richie Forbes' fault, here's what you do: BENCH Richie Forbes. If you think it's Laz, don't force him into the starting lineup. Don't crucify me for this but ... if you think it's Mike Gordon -- BENCH Mike Gordon. It's obvious that things are not working, and if it takes benching your senior "leader" to make a statement, he'll understand.

So here's the scariest part: I think this slide continues tomorrow. Everyone always points to UNH as a scary matchup. I'm doing the same right now.

UNH 74, Binghamton 63.

And -- unjustifiably, yet -- they get booed out of the Events Center.

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The Hot Dog said...

i resent that - i dont think you can call BU a bad team.

we EMBARRASED fake BU on our home court. real BU is on a 5 game winning streak and just topped uvm. we are 7-5 and a half of a game ahead of fake bu in the conference.

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