Maine @ Binghamton, starting shortly

Heading out to the EC shortly.

Maybe I'm the last guy in the world who's a Ted Woodward fan. I thought he drew up some excellent gameplans a few years back in the 2005 AE tournament. Of course, Maine sucks over the past few years, so maybe I've got to re-program my thinking. But I'm definitely not as down on Ted Woodward as say, the Leaster.

Today's game must be a blowout win for the Bearcats. A two-point escape, don't get me wrong, would be just as much a win as a 20-point obliteration, but I really think Richie Forbes & co. need a good old-fashioned butt-whippin' to get back on track, and Maine is just the team to deliver that.

Binghamton 72, Maine 56.

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Drake Tungsten said...

Hey, Ted is a good guy from all accounts, but I don't think standing the whole game with your arms crossed and yelling either "SHOOTER" or "NO" the whole game will get anything done. Also, he has some talent on that roster but totally mismanages it and it seems as if the players don't believe in him at all.

Also, I'm picking candidates to replace him in hopes that I will get some right. Maybe even pick the right candidate, and in that case, I'd demand compensation. I actually believe I will get two names right in connection to the job (should it open, which I think is likely).

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