SBU sucks.

If we can't beat the good SUNY school ... at least we can beat the bad one. You suck, Emanuel Neto.

The outcome of Saturday's game is pretty much inconsequential. I'm actually sort of hoping for the six seed, because if we're the 6 and Albany's the 3, I'll at least appreciate having another shot. If we're the 6 and Vermont's the 3, at least we'll lose to a good team. If we're the 6 and Hartford's the 3, I like our chances. And if we're the 6 and Boston University's the 3, we'll be playing on Sunday.

What's so great about the 6? At this point, post-crapping-the-bed against Albany last night, the 6 is as good as the 3 because 1) you can make the argument that Hartford/Boston/Vermont/Albany/Binghamton could all beat each other on any given night, and 1a) The 6 would give us a chance to play the victorious 2 seed (or UNH) on Sunday afternoon with an "upset" victory over one of the aforementioned four. The winner of the 4/5 game will at least put up a good effort against UMBC in the semis at the Events Center, and if the Bearcats are in the other game in the Sunday afternoon, UMBC's opponent will have a built-in home-court advantage if it matters to Bing, and I wouldn't consider them a shoo-in to the finals.

The Bearcats as a 4 or 5 would mean a semifinal showdown with UMBC -- at the EC. However, it would guarantee, IF they made it that far, a road game for the title. I know I'm building in a heavy homer bias, but again ... this is Bearcat Country.

You suck, Emanuel Neto.

But even if the Bearcats slipped up against SBU, guaranteeing Bing the 6 seed ... I'd have to rescind my previous statement that the Bearcats are guaranteed a quarterfinal loss in the tournament. (Although I'll still hitchhike home when Maine beats SBU next Friday night.)

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