Albany 74, Binghamton 62

Obviously I'm disgusted. I really think the game was over at this point in the first half:

GOOD! LAYUP by Forbes  03:01  16-21  V 5
FOUL by Trifunovic 02:48
REBOUND (DEF) by Gordon02:36 MISSED 3 PTR by Wilson
GOOD! JUMPER by Gordon 02:27 18-21 V 3
02:12 18-24 V 6 GOOD! 3 PTR by Iati
02:12 ASSIST by Wilson
TURNOVR by Olomo 01:52
01:35 18-27 V 9 GOOD! 3 PTR by Iati
01:35 ASSIST by Wilson
MISSED 3 PTR by Forbes 01:19 REBOUND (DEF) by Lillis
01:09 TIMEOUT 30sec
00:58 18-29 V 11 GOOD! LAYUP by Connelly
I really thought Dwayne Jackson was going to deck someone, and I'm actually sort of glad he fouled out and wasn't on the court for the last few minutes.

Apparently KB shoved one of the UA assistants on the handshake line. I didn't see it happen.

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