UNH @ Binghamton, 7 p.m.

In what has become somewhat of a tradition at the Events Center over the past few years, Bearcat fans will have a chance to watch what should be a high-quality basketball game with their Valentines tonight, with what, surprisingly, could be a make-or-break matchup for the Bearcats coming down the stretch in America East play.

Reggie Fuller and Laz Trifunovic have been the keys for the Bearcats throughout conference play, and both have run into their troubles lately.

Fuller played an incredible first half against Boston, shooting 5-for-5 from the field to continue his superhuman shooting from the field that began at UMBC. But in the second half of the Boston game, Fuller didn't even get a shot off from the field.

Certainly, the Bearcats can survive without Fuller scoring double-digits. He's thrived all year long in his Sebastian Hermenier-type role, but it's been those four-to-six points deep in the paint that seem to ignite the crowd and the other Bearcat players throughout the year. Fuller's rebounding prowess on the offensive glass is crucial to the Bearcats success, and that will be no different tonight.

Laz Trifunovic, the Bearcats' other starting "big man," is the other story lately. Apparently, Laz has been saddled with some injuries that he tried to fight through lately. Now that the word is out, I think it's important to realize that this young man's health is paramount, after seeing what happened in their later years to the aforementioned Hermenier and the now-infamous Nick Billings. There should be ZERO chances taken with Laz's health, and so if he's not good to go tonight, he should not play. It doesn't matter how important KB thinks this game is.

It says a lot about this year's UNH squad that they were picked pre-season to finish behind Stony Brook. I mean, Stony Brook is just terrible. However, no one ever counts Bill Herrion out, including me.

However, I've changed my mind about my initial prediction; I think the Bearcats will win tonight's game ... we'll say by 5 points. Bearcats 70, UNH 65.

- - - - -

In related news, I have applied for a media credential for the America East tournament. I am looking forward to sitting courtside and delivering live coverage for everyone who cannot make it to Vestal for the tournament, much as I did last year in Boston.

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