UNH/Binghamton TV coverage

Just realized I did remember to set my DVR for last night's Bing/UNH game.

A couple of quick notes:

- This color guy sucks.

- I'm still not big on Roger Neel, but if nothing else, he should stick to radio. If nothing else, the man is so accustomed to doing radio that he cannot give a TV audience a moment to breathe. It seems like this color guy is just sort of jumping into what would typically be a-tad-too-long moments of silence that Rog usually leaves during his radio commentary.

- This color guy sucks.

- Jen Wegmann, the "sideline reporter," was my nutrition professor a few years ago. She's a fantastic professor, but when it comes to TV ... well ... she's learning.

- The emptiness of the Events Center makes us look pretty pathetic -- especially in the Zoo. We look like freakin' Stony Brook.

- Did I mention this color guy sucks?

Also, watching the first few minutes of the game over again reminds me how many stupid charges they called in this game, especially in the first half.

- - - - -

Edit: 10 minutes later. I'm now re-watching the last two minutes of the game. A couple more quick hits here:

- At 50-49, after Forbes missed the dagger 3, Gordon almost had an offensive rebound before a UNH player grabbed the ball and rolled over on the ground. We booed hard there, looking for a travel, but watching it again, Gordon totally fouled the guy.

- I think Herrion mis-managed his timeouts. UNH was really stuck there with no way to stop the clock late, although KB called one late.

- Looks like it was indeed a bad call on Reggie Fuller with 27.4 seconds left.

- What are these referees THINKING? Fuller was certainly NOT fouled with 9.1 seconds left, although that would've been nearly impossible for me to see from the opposite side of the court there. Looks like it was a good call on Gordon with a couple seconds remaining.

- No love for the BU Zoo from Time Warner sports. Did they think the Zoo was the crowd behind the Bearcats' bench?

- If the pep band's going to play 'The Horse,' they must come through with it at 9.1 seconds left. That, or 'The Hey Song.' (And in a related note, why the f did they play 'Barbie Girl' at halftime?!)

- Reggie Fuller claimed in the postgame that he blocked the final shot. Lie.

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