Notes on the Fordham loss

Chretien Lukusa started the game but played just 11 minutes, while Dwayne Jackson came off the bench with 34 minutes to score 13 points, including 6-of-6 from the FT line. When will DJ get the starting nod? One has to assume tomorrow, against St. Bonaventure.

At halftime, down 39-22, the Bearcats appeared to be done, but a big second-half surge that gained them the lead made this game more promising than the final score sounds. The one thing you could really take from this game is something everyone already knew: the Bearcats have no answer for a dominating big man inside.

Mike Gordon finished this game with 11 FG attempts -- one more than Richie Forbes. Despite Gordon's role at the 1, I think seeing him take 11 shots is promising -- he should continue to try and make himself a big part of the offense. For the Bearcats to succeed, Mike will have to be a scoring threat himself, keeping other AE teams honest and potentially opening up the other shooters that Mike's trying to set up.

Despite their poor record to this point, I think BU has at least started to turn things around heading into conference play - but I'll be able to tell you much more definitively tomorrow, after I see the St. Bonaventure game live.

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