Colgate @ Binghamton, 7 p.m.

Binghamton will take on Colgate (5-3) of the Patriot league, with tipoff coming about one hour from right now. I'm in the PODS on campus right now and will have a full report on this game tonight, after I finish my Brit Lit II final paper, which is due at 11:40 tomorrow morning.

Colgate is coming off a win over Cornell, who beat us last week. On paper, this looks to be a pretty even matchup, but I've got to give the edge to the Bearcats on their home court tonight. The team isn't great, but they're not 1-7 bad, and it's obvious that BU is due for a win. With GW up next, I don't expect the Bearcats to stumble tonight -- although who knows.

This game should be worth watching, if you've got a couple free hours and a high-speed connection at home. I'll do my best to get the Zoo fired up ...

The Bearcats have played pretty well at home this year, and much like was the case with the men's soccer team, they can turn that into all that really matters, with the AE Tournament coming back to the Events Center in March. If this team can continue to win at home, the fan base will give the team a pass on road games -- much like was the case in 2004-05, when the Bearcats' stellar home play overshadowed their generally weaker road showings (save for Troy Hailey, who was always traditionally a stronger performer on the road).

If you're still following at home, let's cross our fingers for the big career milestone tonight -- senior Giovanni Olomo needs just FOUR points to reach the big 1-0-0. Party like a rockstar!

(And for the record -- I really don't want to do this Brit Lit paper.)

More coming later on.

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