Bleak Forecast for Thursday

Forecasters are calling for 10 inches of snow in the Binghamton area tomorrow. I'll be at the Events Center tomorrow night for the Bearcats' long-awaited showdown with George Washington, even if I have to walk Riverside Drive to get there. It's been a while since the Bearcats have been in action, and I'm anxious to see how they respond to this lengthy layoff.

I know this might sound out of character, but there's a tiny part of me that wants to pick the Bearcats tomorrow night, if only because of the memories I have of old Al Walker teams playing miserably on the road, then coming back and picking up a surprising win at home -- the type of 'wow' win that often shifted the home crowd's opinion of the coaching staff, and probably earned him an extra season at the helm. (Edit: I think the best example I could come up with would be Feb. 27, 2005, when the Bearcats, coming off two consecutive terrible losses at Stony Brook and at Hartford, stunned Boston U. by 17 [the famous Nick Billings three-pointer game] to roll into the postseason at the Events Center with surprising momentum.)

This one's been penciled in as a loss, at least in my book, since the schedule was released, and my sensible side is telling me GW by 12 or so, but I just can't shake that feeling that this one could go Binghamton's way. (And that's not to say they will turn around all the problems they have.) Maybe it's just my instinct telling me that we cannot possibly be this bad, but I'm sensing an upset tomorrow night. Guess we'll see.

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Thanks to Brian Moritz for today's blog shout-out. On that note, if you host an America East-themed blog, or you know of a good source for AE coverage, let me know and I'll link to it here.

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