BU d. UVM, BU loses to Utah Valley

Great win Thursday night. When push came to shove, I decided to stay home and watch Oklahoma/Florida instead of making the drive to the Events Center. I've got it DVR-ed.

Tough choice, yes. The UVM game is always huge for Bearcat fans, although it's sort of lame to schedule it with no students on campus. It sounds like Thursday's game was certainly no exception.

But really, the whole conference schedule gets me down a bit. While it's great to have so many AE games at home now, it's going to suck bigtime for the student body when they get back. The Bearcats could continue this great run, but without a nice lineup of home games, it'll be difficult to get the students behind them 100%.

Furthermore, what the hell was KB thinking scheduling this Utah Valley game on Jan. 10? ... in Utah?

Brian Moritz described this game in his preview as an obvious possibility for a letdown game. (Shockingly, Broadus denied that idea).

As usual, Brian was dead-on. Utah Valley led most of the way in a game that understandably would lack motivation for a team that's leading the America East. A Saturday night game, in January ... in Utah?

Did Broadus think that Schafer Jackson was still around or something?

I'm glad the Bearcats are getting to travel around the country and play some different teams. Good for them, really. But January is America East season. This team has not earned the right to go out and show off like this. Especially when teams like Cornell and Northeastern are erasing dates from the schedule during the preseason.

Once AE play starts, that's it for non-conference play, gang. I'll make an exception for the Bracket Busters. But this is just another example of bass-ackwards logic from the KB camp.

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