Bing beats SBU, 67-60

My first impression from following the Gametracker from my lovely corner desk at the Press & Sun-Bulletin last night was that BU pretty much had this game in hand from rail-to-rail.

The Bearcats jumped out to an early lead and seemed to never look back against an inferior Stony Brook team.

A late hiccup, though, allowed the Seawolves to climb to within a point.

There are two ways to interpret that late hiccup -- 1) The Bearcats fought off a tough SBU comeback to persevere and earn the 'W,' or 2) The Bearcats nearly choked away a win that it sure look like they had locked up for the whole game.

A bit surprising to me is that SBU attempted only eight threes the whole game, despite trailing from the start. It's a testament to coach Pikiell's patience -- although it appears that Chretien Lukusa's three to stretch the lead from 3 to 6 right before the half was a pretty big backbreaker for the Seawolves.

All things considered, it's another win for the Bearcats, although the string of conference cupcakes ends Thursday night with Vermont coming to town. Although I'm off from work, I'm on the fence about this one, considering the BCS Nat'l Championship Game will be played that night. Regardless, I'll be back soon to offer some more thoughts.

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