Stony Brook @ Binghamton, 7 p.m.

So for a long time, I was very much looking forward to tonight's game, with god-awful Stony Brook coming to town for a TV game.

Last year, I wrote this controversial piece about how much I hate Stony Brook, and how pitiful their program is. (For the record, I know the piece is largely unprofessional in many ways, but remember that a college newspaper has a much different target audience than a real newspaper, and I really accomplished what I wanted to.)

I got a fierce reaction from SBU center Emanuel Neto via Facebook, who proceeded to read my "interests" and subsequently changed his Facebook 'Status' to 'Chris Strub is going down drown in Dr. Pepper!!!!" I have never been so pleased with the way an article worked out.

I certainly would have loved to go heckle the sanity out of Emanuel Neto tonight - trust me, there's nothing I'd rather do. But a couple months ago, Neto's mother passed away from a long-standing disease. He left the team for a while and obviously must be struggling emotionally throughout this whole season.

Some things are much bigger than sports, especially Binghamton University vs. Stony Brook, and so obviously absolutely ANY family references made to Neto are wildly inappropriate and should result not only in admonishment but also ejection.

That being said, we really should smoke Stony Brook tonight in front of this regional TV audience. Steve Pikiell is terrible, as are almost all of his players. SBU's 4-11 record is deceivingly positive; they rank no. 327 in RPI (for the record, Maryland-Eastern Shore still manages to sit below SBU, at no. 333).

Stony Brook is regularly the worst team in the league. If we don't beat SBU by 15, I'll be very disappointed.

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