Binghamton @ UVM, tonight, 7 p.m.

The Bearcats have dropped four straight America East openers, and I don't expect that trend to change tonight.

Vermont has always given the Bearcats fits, and even though this year's UVM squad doesn't appear quite as intimidating, I expect more of the same tonight. Sophomore forward Marques Blakely is living up to all his pre-season hype; then again, so is Lazar Trifunovic.

The Bearcat role players have been playing better as of late, especially Reggie Fuller. But I still have to lean toward experience over the hot hand, and Kyle Cieplicki has always, always killed us. (How the heck is that guy still around?)

And tonight's game was also expected to be a showdown of two of the league's top point guards -- Mike Gordon and Mike Trimboli. As much as I love Gordon, Trimboli has to have the edge here, especially on his home floor.

One problem UVM could run into is its no-name bench. Other than McIntosh and Powlovich, I've never even heard of anyone on Vermont's bench. And from what I remember, Timmy McCrory felt like a forever bench player to me. The Bearcats have a couple of nice players coming off the bench, especially Dwayne Jackson, for whom I will continue to lobby for playing time as Kevin Broadus continues to bench him.

This game costs $6 to watch on UVM's Web site, so it appears I'll be once again listening to Roger Neel on WNBF this evening. I'll have an update later tonight.

UVM has won eight straight America East openers, and will raise their 2007 Regular Season champs banner to the rafters tonight. This is by no means a must-win for the Bearcats, and so I see UVM pulling ahead to win this game by 10.

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