Binghamton 67, @ UNH 58

Break up the Bearcats!

Binghamton remained in first place with an impressive win at New Hampshire on Thursday night. Lazar Trifunovic (or LT, as Roger Neel affectionately calls him these days) led the Bearcats with 19 points, but the story has to be the team effort the Bearcats put on on the offensive end.

Four Bearcats reached double-figures: two seniors (Gordon and Forbes) and two underclassmen (Jackson and LT). Reggie Fuller just missed being the fifth Bearcat with 10 points, adding 9 points and 9 rebounds.

The big difference between this Bearcat team and teams of the past is that spread-out, balanced offense. Previously, it would take one big performance from somebody to lead Binghamton to victory. This year, nobody needs to have a monster game, although Trifunovic is quickly developing as one of the best offensive forwards in the league. Even Richie Forbes is accepting his secondary role as the team continues to roll.

The spread offense allows Broadus enough options to not have to worry about one guy being shut down. Other teams would love to double Trifunovic on the block, but you can't afford to leave someone else open - the 'Cats' savvy passing will find the open man, and BU is among the league leaders in three-point shooters.

I think the other big difference this year has to be Reggie Fuller. He brings the intangibles that really hold a team together, grabbing the tough rebound or picking up a loose ball in a tight spot. Those little things make a difference in a league laden with so much parity.

I still think that it's crucial for the Bearcats to establish either Giovanni Olomo or Jaan Montgomery on the inside, but as each game goes by, Fuller continues to prove me wrong. He's certainly not your traditional back-to-the-basket big man, but LT is establishing himself as enough of a Tim Duncan/Shawn Kemp-type power forward that the team can survive without an offensive force on the post.

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In unrelated news, there's a nice piece about me on the Huntington School District Web site here. Check it out if you've got a minute.

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