Pipe Dream's first America East Power Poll

Pipe Dream printed its first "America East Power Poll" today. It's a clever concept that Sports Editor Mark Macyk came up with for casual fans to keep track of the league's out-of-conference performance, through the beginning of AE conference play. It's set to be printed every Tuesday.

If you were wondering, the voting panel consists of Macyk, Assistant Sports Editor Ben Masur, Randy Benjenk and myself. Mark's in his first year covering the team; Ben, his third; Randy, his second; and me, my fourth.

Here's the poll:

Team (First Place Votes)
Boston: 33 (2)
Vermont: 33 (2)
UMBC: 26
Albany: 25
Binghamton: 24
Hartford: 15
Stony Brook: 11
Maine: 8
New Hampshire: 6

Credit: Pipe Dream

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