Pipe Dream, November 13

Just wanted to quickly comment on the profile of Richie Forbes, by Mark Macyk, that was printed in Tuesday’s Pipe Dream:

“No one doubts that Richie Forbes is the most talented offensive player at Binghamton, if not the entire America East.”

Forbes had a nice 11.3 ppg average – it dropped to 10.3 in-conference -- last season, on a team that didn’t exactly feature any offensive juggernauts. At times, Walker was reluctant to go to Forbes over Troy Hailey, even though it was obvious T-Roy was phoning it in the majority of the time, simply because 50% of Troy’s defense beat 100% of whatever Forbes considered defense last season.

As for the most talented debate, I’ll take Brian Hodges or Mike Trimboli over Forbes in a heartbeat. Heck, if Laz keeps up his interior domination, I’d even take him one-on-one against Forbes. Not to mention the superior performance I saw from Boston University’s young kids down the stretch of last year’s semifinal – where Forbes went scoreless in 19 minutes.

The kid is a hell of a talker, though --- you’ve got to give him that. Best interviews I’ve ever had.

Credit: Pipe Dream, http://www.bupipedream.com/pipeline_web/display_article.php?id=6396

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