Another one bites the dust

Theo Davis quit the team today.

That's right -- the same Theo Davis who sat out a full year waiting for eligibility; the same Theo Davis who originally committed to Texas, had interest from UNC and ended up "playing" a "season" at Gonzaga; the same Theo Davis who everyone thought would be the final piece of our guard-centric puzzle.

Instead, Theo did nothing this year at all, missed the last few games as a healthy scratch/didn't-travel-with-the-team, and decided he was done today.

When Davis didn't make the trip to Vermont, Broadus deemed it 'academic reasons.' When Davis quit the team today, Broadus insisted that Davis is 'in good academic standing.'

Um, coach, you're contradicting yourself.

Whatever, this doesn't come as any surprise to me these days. This team could win out and I've still lost almost all faith.

Press & Sun-Bulletin Digital Editor Jeff Platsky went to Monday's Albany game and told me the team looked good, but they looked tired near the end of the game. I told him hey ... that's no surprise -- when two major pieces of your team (Davis and the indefinitely-suspended-for-reasons-still-unknown four-year-senior guard Dwayne Jackson) aren't playing, you're going to get winded.

Just ridiculous. Go Bearcats, yeah whatever. KB has literally spoiled my enthusiasm for my alma mater. Tremendous.


George E. Hadjiconstantinou said...

You bring up some good points, and I don't believe it's wrong to have frustrations about the way the program has been handled. I wonder if the criticisms will continue after clinching the regular season title; winning seems to always be a panacea....

Brad said...

Well I don't see his blog here updated, but his one for the paper apparently is, so I guess he's back on the bandwagon! LOL

According to last year's final AE Academic Cup race, BU's athletes finished with an average 3.04 GPA, and the Fall Semester was better, with some of the BU teams earning the TOP team GPA's for their sport in the COUNTRY... Men's Soccer and Women's Volleyball I believe.

The school's educational commitment hasn't waivered as a whole, the basketball players are all academically eligible, the athletic department has played by the rules. Don't be mad at BU if you don't like the rules, they didn't make them, they're just playing by them.

As for academics and professors complaining, now I'm only 4.5 years removed from BU lecture halls, so I remember and know I texted in class, that I drank underage, and that I skipped class from time to time... EVERY student does that, even the "GOOD ONES." There is more to college than lectures, it's about preparing people for life, I don't understand why a well rounded campus life with winning teams is so scary to some folk.

This is bolstering school pride like never before and the community is RALLYING around the campus, when EVER has it done that! This could be the gel that the school and it's 15,000 imports has needed to get along with the townies!

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